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Intermodal transport, especially when it concerns
dangerous goods, it requires high professionalism,
suitable vehicles and staff constantly updated.

Destri srl

In 1978, Mr. Nereo Destri, who previously gained experience as a driver in the Carabinieri Italian Corps, sees the possibility of entering the world of trasport and began working in the field of furniture’s transport.

These were intense years, during which he makes weekly trips almost exclusively in the Countries of northern Europe. A few years later, the evolution of the market directs its activities towards the food transportation. The work is not lacking and the Company starts to assume employees.

In 1990, Mr. Nereo Destri gets in contact for the first time with the intermodal transport and immediately senses the potential of that market. Since then the Company has grown and has become following the evolution of the market and industry regulations.

The entry in the Company of their sons, as well as new hires young and motivated, allowed DESTRI s.r.l. to expand their business, without ever compromising the quality of service, availability and commitment that are typical of a family business. The intermodal transport by tank-containers and silo-containers requires, especially when it involves dangerous goods, professionalism, appropriate technical equipment, qualified and updated employees.

Our customers are leading Companies in the field of intermodal transport and they can found in DESTRI s.r.l. a reliable partner, efficient and competent.

In 2006, the DESTRI s.r.l. has obtained the SQAS certification and is committed to ensuring the organization of services and transport in a very flexible way, making use of appropriately trained and qualified employees through regular meetings and individual training. Equipment and vehicles are subjected to preventive maintenance; many economic resources are invested to improve the performance of quality, health, safety and respect for the environment.

Destri srl


ADR licence, temperature-controlled products and hazardous waste are the result of experience and professional qualification.

Road services

Road transport of tank containers and silo containers

Transport of chemicals products, gas, food, mineral oils and waste

Transport of temperature-controlled products

Transport of dangerous goods in A.D.R.

Transport of hazardous waste

At our Company

Heating station of products: steam, electric and water

Handling empty and full tank containers

Storage tank container not A.D.R.

Technical stop in safety of tank containers in A.D.R.

Technical interventions on the tank container

Various services on the customer's request


We provide heating services in the following ways:

  • steam even at high pressure (10 Bar)
  • hot water
  • electrically

Our steam generator is able to heat up to four containers simultaneously. The working temperature can reach 200° C.
Temperature monitoring is constant even during the night hours and on holidays. This ensures continuity of service without loss of time, and to comply with the delivery.

Handling, temporary storage and technical stop

Our recognized flexibility is due mainly to the service of handling empty and full tank containers using two cranes. This service allows customers to be able to vary the dates of unloading of the goods transported in a short time.
The Destri s.r.l. has parking and storage for full and empty tank containers. The parking area is fenced, lighted, paved, with video surveillance and advanced security system. Destri s.r.l. benefits from the service of Emergency Ecological signed with a specialized company. At guests’ disposal, in case of leakage of the product, we provide a concrete containment pad and a stainless steel holding tank, suitable for chassis of 20 ft tank containers.

Interventions and equipment

The proven experience of our staff allows us to take prompt action to repair / replacement of safety valves, handrails, fittings and other minor works. Our suppliers are rigorously qualified Companies. We have a wide range of fittings and pipes for loading and unloading the products.


Since 2006, Destri srl has chosen to achieve the highest levels of SQAS performance and create in the Company an effective safety culture.

As part of the Responsible Care program, CEFIC launched in the early 90s a specific tool in order to improve the level of safety during transport, storage and handling of chemicals products.
A key element of the program was the development of Safety and Quality Assessment Systems - SQAS, related to a particular mode of transport and logistics operation (road, rail, intermodal stations washing, shipping of bulk or packaged goods, terminals and inland waterways). SQAS guarantees our quality, safety and environment management system as providers of logistics services to individual chemical companies.

We devote considerable importance to the training of all our workers, drivers and employees, that we maintain constantly updated on any new legislative techniques. The meetings take place with professionals trainers as well as official controllers.

The execution of Behaviour Based Safety, by highly qualified staff with many years of experience, allows us to monitor our employees accompanying them with an instructive and consolidating tool.

Read our company policy.

Read our ethical code.

Read our GMP certificate.

Read our SQAS certificate.

Read our UNI EN ISO 9001 certificate.

Destri srl


Each vehicle is equipped with a GPS device that allows the traceability continuous of the vehicles.

The DESTRI s.r.l. fleet range is composed of:
  • 49 truck tractor equipped with compressors for the discharge of liquid and dusty products
  • 68 semi-trailers (20, 30 and 40 feet), fixed and tilting, equipped with rotary valve

The fleet is almost entirely equipped with a control system for automatic inflation of the tires. This ensures better stability of the load, braking more effective and a reduction in the risk of tire burst and fire.

At our Company:
  • forklift for movement of empty containers
  • 2 crane for movement of empty and full containers
  • diaphragm pneumatic pump and a stainless steel pump driven by eex electric motor
  • portable power generator
  • cylinders carts for nitrogen discharge
  • a concrete containment pad and a stainless steel holding tank, suitable for chassis of 20 ft tank containers

Destri srl

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Administrative HQ

and products heating station

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Registered office


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